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Sanam | The CEO

The Man behind the idea of Hence Media Pvt. Ltd.,
also a Development team head at Hence Media.
Google & WordPress is his daily drivers!
Most of the company’s decisions belonged to him so,
contact him for any business queries.

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Kashyap | Director

One who is in front of the picture, not that cycle driver(!). Director of company. Management, that’s what we expected from him. Online and offline documentation is also his part.
Any customer support required, write to him.
We’ll fire him if he fails (not really!)

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Shailesh | Legal

Don’t predict his nature by his photograph. Serious guy and serious work. Disturb him without hesitation for all legal work and document related queries. “Perfect Accounting”, this is what he does with total passion.

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Jaimin | Logistic Expert

Logistic Expert. E-commerce is incomplete without logistic and This is the guy who complete our E-commerce part. If your consignment will not reach on time, only he is responsible for all mess. Facing any local issue? Just call him.

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Nisarg | Marketing Guru

Business mind. Marketing is his field but you’ll found his nose in all departments. Laziness and irregularity is his best qualities (that’s why CEO’s favourite), But these are the qualities we require for our marketing expert (Jokes apart!).

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Tell Me More

So Hence Media Pvt. Ltd. is a organization of dreams. Founded by one secondary school student in year of 2009, With the help of some young minds of same class and creative ideas in their non educational minds(!) we are now one of the established organization in IT industry. With the equation “Hardwork= Success” in mind we are ready to give our best in what we do. Customer satisfaction is our first organizational goal.

What We Do